David Orenstein

Educator, Author, Speaker and Activist

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Anthropologist, Scientist and Humanist Advocate

David I. Orenstein

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Godless Grace

"In the end, Orenstein and Blaikie make a case that “grace can and does come from the godless” and that “theological guidance is not essential for empathy, altruism, meaning or love.”

A. McCorquodale

Foreword Reviews


Godless Grace

"In this beautifully written love letter to secular altruists and do-gooders and sleeve-roller-uppers all around the world, Orenstein and Blaikie introduce us to dozens of actual people doing actual good works without any fear or promises from religion."

T. Gill, Ph.D

Author and Activist

Darwin's Apostles

"At a time when denial of scientific evidence could lead to the end of our species and many others, here is an entertaining and accessible book about the search for the origin of species, including ours."

M. Chapman,

Author, Activist and

Great, Great Grandson of Charles Darwin

Darwin's Apostles

"This book is a refreshing change from the vast number of works about Darwin which barely mention the important contributions of his contemporaries, including those of Alfred Russel Wallace. "

G. Beccaloni, Ph.D.

Director, Wallace Correspondence Project